Western Armenia

      Western Armenia is a historical area on the territory of modern Turkey that had changed greatly after well-known events in the beginning of the XX century.

      For about ninety years this land has been abandoned by the nation for which it was a cradle for thousands of years.

      However there are stones keeping memories of the time past. You can see them here.


      The term "Western Armenia" historically stands for the part of Armenian Highlands and emerges in the period of wars between Byzantine and Persia for domination over the vast area at that time populated by the Armenians. As a results of those wars was the division of the territory into Byzantium controlled Western Armenia and Eastern lands governed by the Persians. Later the place of Byzantine was occupied by the Oman Empire and Persia was superseded by Russia.
      The division had its distinct imprint on the future development of Armenian ethnos in all fields of its human activities.
      Nowadays the part of Eastern Armenia is affiliated with the Republic of Armenia, and the whole Western Armenia lies on the territory of the modern Turkey.
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