Western Armenia


Virtual Ani the best web-site about Armenian architectural heritage in Eastern Turkey (Eng & Tur)


Web-page Pilgrimages in Historical Armenia deals with the work of mr. Armen Aroyan. He organize trips to Eastern Turkey & Rep. of Armenia for Armenian Diaspora in the States.


Land of crying stones Suren Markosians web-site about his trip to Armenia, Georgia & Turkey with many interesting photos (Rus & Eng).


Cilicia.com & Armeniapedia are projects of Raffi Kojian. There are a lot of information and photos of churches, monasteries and castles of the Republic of Armenia (Eng).


Web-site of the Donelian family. Includes old photos of Van & Mush regions. You must go to Armenia 1,2,3,4 pages to see this images.


Research of Armenian architecture organisations web-site. There are old & new photos of Armenian churches in modern Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan & Georgia territories (Eng).


Good site with a number of images of remarkable places in the Republic of Armenia (Rus).


Official site about restoration of the Surp Hach church on the Ahtamar (Akdamar in Turkish) island (Eng & Tur).




Recent additions



) Van area

b) Kars area (in Russian)

c) Ersurum area (in Russian)

d) Moush-Bitlis area (in Russian)



Cilicia / Hromkla

Istanbul Armenians (in Russian)