Western Armenia

Surb Tovmas monastery on the Deveboynu Peninsula,

the south shore of the Lake Van, near to Altinsac village.

One of the most picturesque places I have visited.

View from the monastery to the Lake Van (boat taken us to the place can be seen as a white spot on the shore).

View to the monastery from the South-East

Zhamatun entrance, view from the West

View to the monastery

from the shore.

Zhamatun entrance.

Crosses and pilgrims' inscriptions

on the outside walls of church.

Window on the western wall of the church,

again with crosses and inscriptions in Armenian.

The Dome

Lake view

through the hole in the apse.

The Dome and ceiling of the apse.

View of the church

from the North-West

View of the Church from the South-West

Fresh traces of treasure seekers' work at the church walls. In my opinion digging is the most harmful and senseless thing people can do here.

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